My first blog!

I decided to give this blog thing a try.  Let me warn you, though, that I am very new to this and I’m not always great with technology.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m a board-certified OB/Gyn physician practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve also been living the Paleo/Primal Blueprint lifestyle since March 2012.  And now, I’m pregnant with my first child.

I thought I’d start this as a journal of sorts, to post my thoughts and observations though my pregnancy.  I figured that I’d be able to give a unique perspective given my profession and Paleo lifestyle.  Hopefully there are others out there who will find reading this helpful.  Although I can attest to my certifications as an OB/Gyn physician, I am by no means an expert on the Paleo lifestyle in pregnancy.  And in many ways, I’m just like every other woman going through pregnancy for the first time (I just have a better idea of what to expect than most).

After 3 1/2 weeks of what seemed like eternity, from when we first found out I was pregnant to my first appointment, we finally got confirmation that I have a viable embryo!



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