The Primal Lifestyle

I mentioned it a bit in my last post, but I’ve adopted many of the ways of the Paleo/Primal lifestyle in addition to just the food.  Nearly 3 years ago when I started all of this, it was just food and exercise.  In addition to significant changes in my diet, I also adopted the Primal exercise regimen.  I never really loved running and the “chronic cardio” as Mark Sisson calls it, so it worked well for me to do brisk walking instead- it was an easier goal to accomplish regularly.  For the “heavy lifting,” I found the thought of going to the gym to the testosterone-filled weights area intimidating, so I discovered the Physique 57 (barre-based workout) DVDs which I still use to this day.

I would also occasionally do sprints.  Early on when I was starting the lifestyle, my husband (then boyfriend) and I happened to find ourselves on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  Despite being in a dress, I asked if he was up for doing sprints.  We did a nice set of sprints… until I stepped on a bee with my bare foot.  Turns out that my impromptu willingness to do sprints, and my (not horribly dramatic) reaction to getting stung by a bee, were some of the moments that made him realize he wanted to be with me long term.  He later ended up proposing on Ocean Beach.

Since then, we’ve gradually adopted more aspects of the lifestyle, me more so than my husband.  We have a Squatty Potty, which is basically a stool you rest your feet on when using the toilet to simulate a squatting position.  This is more beneficial for digestive health than the normal toilet position- reducing constipation, etc.  We have installed f.lux on our computers and use blue light blocking glasses at bedtime to decrease stimulation from screen time before sleeping.  We avoid using the microwave as much as possible, and try to store leftovers in glass containers.

I’ve been regularly using a meditation app called Headspace which I highly recommend.  Meditation was always one of those things that I heard was good for me, but I never quite knew how to go about doing it right.  Well, the app makes it very doable to meditate on a daily basis, and helps apply it to real life.  The initial Take10 is free- 10 minutes a day for 10 days.  After that, you do have to subscribe to the app.  If it’s something that’s right for you, it’s a worthwhile investment in your health.  They have all kinds of series on topics like stress, sleep, relationships, appreciation, and even creativity.  I can’t recommend it enough:

Lately, I’ve gone even farther.  I’ve started using my Primal Pit Paste baking soda-based deodorant.  My husband says I don’t have any BO to begin with, so it’s the equivalent of covering up ambient air.  He hasn’t bothered trying it yet.  They also just started making a tooth powder, so I’m trying that out as well, though still alternating with regular toothpaste.  The powder does leave my teeth feeling clean, though it doesn’t last as long as my old triclosan-containing toothpaste did.

My husband jokes that pretty soon we’re gonna be THOSE people- you know, those hippies that compost everything and raise their own chickens.  He asked if one day we’ll forgo the Squatty Potty and instead just get a squatting toilet instead.  Easy for him to joke about- I’ve used those hole-in-the-ground toilets in other countries, and I’m good with the Squatty Potty!


One thought on “The Primal Lifestyle

  1. Jacques February 10, 2015 / 10:46 am

    I enjoyed the story about falling in love on Ocean Beach, and it coming full circle getting engaged on Ocean Beach. I have been granted the authority from an unnamed informant close to the situation to escalate the obvious conflict between Paleo OB complaining about smelly bath towels, yet not even a wince after getting stung in the foot by a bee suicide bomber. The unnamed informant is pleased that you came clean on other weird behaviors, adding to both to the feeling of love and confusion.


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