My husband and I recently went hiking with our friend Beverly, who we met through.  The week after I finished residency, I was in town looking for a place to live, and Beverly had a Wayne’s World themed party.  Everyone was dressed in their ’90s best- flannel, slap bracelets, cutoff jeans.  And that was how I met my husband.  Beverly was also our officiant at our wedding.

Naturally, we wanted to share the news of the pregnancy to her in person.  Beverly had initially suggested that she and I do a ladies’ spa day.  But I had to make an excuse as to why I couldn’t do the hot tub, so I emailed her that I had some skin issue, will spare her the details.

On our way up to the hike, I brought up the skin thing.  Then I told her that it’s actually more of a parasite.  Not to worry, it’s not communicable.  In fact, I have a picture of it.  Then I showed her a picture of my ultrasound.  It took her a few seconds to figure out if what she was looking at is what she thought it was.  When she did realize, she was super happy for us!

It is true, a fetus is the ultimate parasite! 😉


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