Week 10

For some reason the nausea has gotten worse lately.  Like many of my patients, I have it worse in the evening.  Now I can have only tiny amounts of food at a time.  I call it the parasite diet.  This is seriously the amount I have been known to eat at a time:

Mini Pizza

This was a minuscule slice of an almond meal crust pizza.

So far, what have I tried?

  • Ginger tea- somewhat helpful.  Not always, but definitely a noticeable difference sometimes.
  • Ginger ale- the kind with the little ginger bits and low sugar content.  Not so helpful.
  • Ginger capsules- not so helpful.  Taking a pill when I already don’t feel well doesn’t seem to help me.
  • Doxylamine (Unisom SleepTabs)- somewhat helpful, but makes me sleepy.*
  • Vitamin B6- alone without the doxylamine, not so helpful.
  • Gum- somewhat helpful.  Got the Glee brand sweetened with just xylitol.

Next up, gonna try Sea-Bands and see how that goes.  Can’t wait till I can eat normally again.  I’m probably going to gorge myself on a bunch of non-Paleo food.

*I should mention that despite making me sleepy, I’m not so sure about the quality of my sleep.  One night when I took doxylamine before bedtime, I went to bed with one earplug in each ear, and woke up to find two earplugs in one ear.  And no recollection of it!


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