Welcome MDA Readers!

Welcome to those of you checking out my blog through Mark’s Daily Apple.  My husband had told me he emailed Mark and crew to spread the word about my blog.  What he didn’t tell me was that Mark had written back that he was going to include my husband’s email in his post today.  Thanks to both my husband and Mark!

Also, I appreciate the advice I’ve already gotten about things that have helped other women with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.  The good news is that this past week (Week 12), I’ve started to feel better.  I’ve gone from eating bird-sized portions to half-human portions.  Definitely a welcome relief.  Hopefully other women can benefit from the helpful advice in the comments as well.

My husband and I were lucky enough to spend the weekend in Santa Cruz.  It was so nice to drive there and back on Highway 1, with gorgeous views of the ocean.  It’s a strange thing to see a bunch of cows on the side of the road, and see the ocean behind them.  Despite the rain (and the event we were attending), we were able to get some outdoor time and because of the rain, saw plenty of rainbows.  In fact, on one morning walk, we saw rainbows as well as dolphins in the distance in the ocean.  Definitely not things you see every day.  I just need to add a leprechaun to the story to make it sound totally made up!

On a completely separate note, I wanted to mention an interesting medical news blurb I came across recently.  I get daily emails from the American Medical Association (AMA) with headlines and short blurbs about general medical news, as well as from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) with OB/Gyn-related headlines in the current news.  On the same day that they reported about early exposure reducing children’s peanut allergies (which I’m sure you can easily learn more about elsewhere), they also had a headline about mother’s voices and heartbeats helping their fetuses’ brains develop.

They exposed premature babies to sounds of their mother’s voices and heartbeats.  Compared to those who did not have this exposure, they developed a larger auditory cortex.  The study suggests that in utero, the sounds of its mother’s voice and heartbeat help the hearing centers of the fetus’ brain develop.  Fascinating stuff!



4 thoughts on “Welcome MDA Readers!

  1. B March 2, 2015 / 7:30 am

    Thanks to your husband for sharing your story! I am in a very similar situation myself. Following paleo/primal since February 2012, married in July 2014, and now just found out we are expecting our first child in November (still very early, yes so shhh)! I’ve been searching for blogs on paleo and pregnancy. It seems that this weekend’s email from Mark’s Daily Apple really directed me to the perfect source! Look forward to hearing about your journey and hoping some of your lessons learned can help me!


    • Paleo OB March 7, 2015 / 7:51 am

      Congrats! Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy, and hope you find the blog helpful along the journey! Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky 25% with no nausea or vomiting. Otherwise, you’ll find some helpful advice from me and the commenters.


  2. Meg March 4, 2015 / 1:40 am

    Hi paleoob

    I did indeed find your blog through MDA and am also glad I did. I am mostly primal and have been for some years – no major health issues so not super strict, more staying within the framework. I am also pregnant – almost 14 weeks now, so I think about a week ahead of you. Glad to find someone on a similar journey at a similar stage!

    I fortunately never had nausea bad enough to actually vomit and was usually ok in the early part of the day. It was in the evening that the reflux and nausea hit. What I did have was extreme exhaustion from late morning onwards – this all encompassing strange kind of tiredness that I felt someone who has never been pregnant would not understand. Thankfully both of these have started to fade now and I’m feeling better and better.

    My diet has been ok in the first trimester but I have noticed that my carbs have gone up spontaneously (progesterone?). I’m trying to keep that in check at about a 100g/day and am also keeping an eye on weight gain (approx 1kg / 2 pounds so far…I’m only 5’1″ tall). Now that the exhaustion isn’t overwhelming I’m trying to get back into exercising more as well.

    Now, for the first time since finding out I’m pregnant, I don’t feel like I’m at the mercy of the hormones. Hope you get to this point soon too. Looking forward to hearing more from you.


    • Paleo OB March 7, 2015 / 7:48 am

      Congrats to you! That must be such a relief to be finally feeling better. I’m at 13 weeks now, and although my stomach is not completely back to normal, I am eating more now so it’s definitely a nice change. I also relate to the fatigue. Maybe after doing residency and working many night shifts, that level of fatigue isn’t exactly foreign, but it’s certainly a noticeable change from the norm. I’ve felt so gross that keeping my carbs in check has gone completely out the window. But I’m hoping that as I feel better- nausea and energy-wise, that I’ll be able to get back to the Paleo diet and more regular exercise. Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy!


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