Little Willie

Little Willie

It’s a boy!  So far, we haven’t decided on a name, so we’ve been calling him Little Willie, short for my husband’s last name.  Actually, I’ve been calling him that since before I knew it was a boy.  Above is a pic of Little Willie’s…ahem, little willie (I just crack myself up).  I admit, I scanned myself a couple weeks before the official anatomy ultrasound and found out it was a boy at 17 weeks.  My husband said he was so curious to know the gender that he didn’t mind if he wasn’t there.  So one day at lunch I took the office ultrasound to my own abdomen, and lucky for me he was staying still so I got an easy look.

We had the official ultrasound last week, and got the above confirmatory shot.  My husband very maturely announced to his friend the gender of our baby by saying, “My unborn son’s penis is bigger than yours.”

For whatever reason, I’d had an inclination from the beginning that it would be a boy.  He didn’t want to let out his excitement until it was confirmed, but turns out my husband was really hoping it would be a boy.  For me, not that I’d really care either way, but I think I would’ve just been disappointed if my hunch hadn’t been right.


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