Is this really happening?

One of my best friends who I’ve known since elementary school just had her first baby last week.  And one of my co-workers just had her first as well.  As I met one newborn and have been seeing tons of fun pics of the other, I realized that it still hasn’t quite hit me that I’ll be there soon enough as well.

I mean, on a logical level, I know this is happening.  Unlike before, when the pregnancy didn’t quite seem real, it’s obvious now.  I’m 28 weeks now, and for the past month or so, many patients will straight up ask/notice that I’m pregnant.  And then many see the bump but are just afraid to ask.  Because we all know that if you ask a woman if she’s pregnant and the answer is no… AWKWARD!

And by now there’s no mistaking Little Willie’s movements.  So the pregnancy is definitely real.  But realizing that I will have a newborn in a few short months has not quite set in.  I suppose it’s a process- eventually my husband and I will get all of the baby stuff ready.  The car seat, stroller, breast pump and all of that business.  We’ll see what happens, but hopefully I’ll have some time from when I start my maternity leave to when he comes.  That’ll give me a chance with no work to worry about, to finally focus on preparing for his arrival.

On a complete side note, I knew about some of the weird things pregnancy does.  Like I’ve noticed in the shower when I wash my hair, I don’t shed as much as I used to.  Which I’ve heard comes back to haunt you later when your hair falls out weirdly after the pregnancy is over.  Earlier in the pregnancy, I started getting a little melasma, or the “mask of pregnancy,” which causes hyperpigmentation of the face.  Since then, I’ve been slathering on the sunscreen daily in an effort to keep it from worsening.

But yesterday, I was going to shave my legs since I was planning to wear a short dress this weekend.  And despite not shaving my legs for a week, I noticed there was not much growth.  To the point that I decided not to shave my legs.  This morning, I noticed one spot with a little stubble, but I’m not trying to impress anyone these days so I’m not about to shave.  Just thought that was really random.  As most women know, this would be great if it lasted forever and I didn’t need to shave my legs as often.

Also, I hadn’t noticed it before in patients, but one recently asked me about hyperpigmentation of the armpits after her delivery.  I myself have noticed that the creases in the armpit areas have gotten darker.  Her whole armpit areas got dark.  So weird.  I told her most likely it’ll get better as the pregnancy resolves.  Certainly hope so!


2 thoughts on “Is this really happening?

  1. Meg June 22, 2015 / 11:42 am

    I know what you mean about it becoming real! My belly is really obvious now too at 29 weeks, but what really did it was the baby cot. Hubby and I have been making a sidecar co-sleeper for the baby which is a 3-sided baby cot that kind of attaches to the side of our bed. We’ve been building it outside so far but this past week we put all the pieces together and did a little demo attaching it to the side of our bed. Something about that – something about seeing it there next to our bed and me lying in bed looking at it and imagining it with our baby in it in 2 months time…. oh it hit me then! I still can’t say it’s completely real yet…. I might have to actually be holding the baby for that, but it’s definitely becoming much more so.

    Re weird symptoms, I haven’t had melasma yet, but I noticed just earlier today and that my elbow creases are darker (thought to myself I should watch my carb intake – with the link between acanthosis nigricans and insulin resistance). My hair isn’t much denser I don’t think, but is growing at a super duper rate, as are my nails. I used to cut my nails once every 3 weeks or so, now it’s once every 10 days. I too have found that body hair is growing much much slower (thank you estrogen!). I’m still pretty much as mobile as before and most of the time don’t notice the bump…. just getting out of breath more often. It’s getting exciting now!!


    • Paleo OB June 26, 2015 / 8:32 pm

      How cute! That’s great that you are making your own little baby bed. I don’t think you have to worry about the darkening of the skin being like acanthosis nigricans. I feel like it’s probably more of a pregnancy hormone thing.
      My friend has a funny story about how she temporarily forgot about her bump. She dropped something, and instinctively got down flat on the ground, face down- only to find herself bouncing off of her belly. Whoops!


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