The Chris Christie Look

At 31 weeks, this is a pic of me holding on to my last days of wearing small scrub pants:


My husband calls it the Chris Christie look, referring to the famously portly New Jersey governor.  With the scrub pants completely untied, they can still make it over my belly.  And mind you, not all smalls are created equal, so these are the looser ones.  You can also see the top of my compression leggings underneath.  When I sit down after I’ve eaten, the pants get a bit constricting, so it’s time I move on to the medium pants.

Strangely, through the course of this week, the swelling resolved.  Over the 4th of July weekend while we were in Tahoe, I ate a ton of ice cream and had Hot Cheetos for the first time in years.  And I was in the car for long hours on the trafficky drive home.  I don’t know if it helped to wear the compression gear all week and elevate my feet at night.  After eating more sensibly, I wonder if that had an effect as well.  I had ballooned suddenly several pounds over the weekend with water weight, and then lost it through the course of the week.  Thank goodness!  It feels so good for my feet to look normal again.

Though I don’t know exactly what caused and resolved my swelling, it certainly doesn’t hurt to tell my patients that anecdotally, I did better when I laid off the junk food.  And compression gear is good, just wish it didn’t get so hot, particularly in the summer.  Early in the week, I rushed and ordered some Crocs to wear with my scrubs, because the clogs I normally wear were really tight.  Guess I won’t be needing them at the moment, but it’ll be good to have on hand in case the swelling returns later.


2 thoughts on “The Chris Christie Look

  1. Meg July 13, 2015 / 1:02 am

    Haha that is a funny look! I’m at 32.5 weeks now and it’s just in the last couple of weeks that most of my fitted t-shirts have stopped fitting over the belly. Also my hips and upper thighs have expanded! I was wearing a lot of my trousers with that rubber band at the button trick, but even that’s becoming difficult now and the trousers look very snug in the thighs. It’s a little alarming (harking back to your post, 2 posts ago) to see myself this wide again after more than a decade of working hard to keep my weight in check. I keep reminding myself that if I’m careful with diet afterwards, with breastfeeding it should come off in a few months….

    Interesting re the compression stockings. I’m about fly long haul next week (about 16 hours of flying time plus transits) and was just planning to keep up the foot and leg flexing exercises I normally do, plus a bit of walking on board. I haven’t had any pregnancy swelling yet, but even pre-pregnancy used to get some flying, so am expecting swollen feet at the end of it. Maybe I should look into getting some compression stockings.


    • Paleo OB July 13, 2015 / 6:47 pm

      Oh yeah, if you’re going to be spending long hours on flights, I would highly recommend the compression gear. They’ll help keep the swelling down, and help prevent blood clots (DVTs). I got the footless leggings. They’re nice for wearing with sandals or other sockless shoes, particularly in summer. My husband also happened to have some compression sleeves for athletic purposes. Sometimes if I don’t want to wear the entire legging (mine go all the way up with a high band for pregnancy that covers the belly), I just use them on my calves only.


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