Scent Memory

What a difference a year makes.  We celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend, and my growing belly is the most obvious change.  We actually didn’t move in together until a couple months before the wedding, so that was a big adjustment for us.  I had been living alone, he with roommates.  So we had to get used to sharing space, biggest of all sharing a bathroom.  My husband was horrified at all of the long hairs I’d shed all over the place.

After my trip to Iceland, now it’s my husband’s turn to travel.  He left this week for France, where he lived his dream of watching the Tour de France in person.  He gave me a heads up as to where he would be, so I actually caught a glimpse of him on TV yesterday!  He’s going to do his own bike tour of Provence, then end with watching the Tour de France finale on the Champs-Elysees.

Though I knew I’d miss him, I figured I’d also enjoy being able to leave my hairs wherever I please, and in general do what I want around the house.  But being pregnant and tired much of the time, and oh yes- still working 65 hours some weeks has made it tougher than I thought it would be to be alone.  Something small set me off into a crying fit today (damn pregnancy hormones!).  Summer tends to be busier at work since it’s a popular time for my co-workers to take vacations.  So I’m working a couple weekends in July, and even on weekends like this one when I’m not working, I feel like I have so much to do.

With our baby shower quickly approaching, I need to work on the registry.  My husband was great and did a ton of research on strollers, car seats, etc. prior to leaving.  So he has made it as easy as possible for me, but that still means I have to go to the baby store this weekend.  And I hate going shopping at prime time when it’s super crowded.  And there’s still a lot of online work to do to add the smaller items.  As anyone who’s been through it can attest to, it’s overwhelming with all of the choices of baby stuff.  Thank goodness I have friends who have been through it who can help with letting us know what we really need and don’t need.  But we still have to put the registry together ourselves.

So anyway, back to the title of today’s post.  Our wedding anniversary reminded me of something a friend suggested for our wedding.  Scent can evoke powerful memories- when I smell a tatami (straw) mat, I think of Japan and my grandparents’ houses, since they use those mats on the floors of traditional Japanese houses.  Well, a novel idea that she’d heard about and passed along to us is that you can create your own scent memory to associate with the wedding.

The bride and groom each pick a fragrance to use only during the wedding and honeymoon.  I’m not really a perfume person, so I chose a matching body wash and lotion.  We only used it when we were at the hotel we stayed at for the wedding, our mini honeymoon to Cancun later that week, and for our delayed honeymoon to Morocco and Spain.  We never used it at home.

After that, you get to bust out the wedding scent once a year during each anniversary.  The idea is that you create a scent memory, which evokes happy memories when you smell the scent.  You are allowed to sniff it once in a while if you need a pick-me-up.  While I can’t say the scent memory for me is as specific as the tatami mats = grandparents’ houses, smelling it again after so long definitely makes me happy.

I’m not planning on creating a specific scent memory to go with the baby, but I do wonder if people inadvertently end up with some.  There must be baby products- wipes, bath products, etc. that later for the parents evoke memories of when their kids were babies.


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