The 35 year-old mom

Happy New Year!  This New Year’s Eve was special for us, because it was one year since we found out I was pregnant.  We were getting ready to host a New Year’s Eve party, and I thought I was about to start my period- my breasts were tender and I was having some cramping.  But I wanted to double-check that it was ok for me to drink alcohol.  Well imagine our shock when we saw the plus sign!  Even though we were trying, it was still unbelievable seeing it for the first time.  What a change a year later, going from the plus sign on the stick to our little guy now.

Today is my 35th birthday.  Even as the day has approached, my husband has been joking that I’m a 35 year-old mom, basically to make me feel old.  In reality, I’m very happy with where I’m at in my life today.  He’s just highlighting that if you’d told my 18 year-old self about me today, she would have thought I was old.

These days, I feel like a tired mom.  Work and breastfeeding/pumping alone are tiring enough.  My husband, in my birthday card, was great enough to remind me of all that I’ve accomplished this past year.  Not counting the obvious of gestating and birthing WZW.  Things like traveling to Iceland while pregnant, and allowing my husband to travel and fulfill his dream of seeing the Tour de France in person.  And starting this blog.

I rang in this birthday in true new mom fashion.  I worked a 12 hr hospital shift yesterday, so I pretty much just showered and went to bed since I was so exhausted.  I was awoken minutes before midnight with my son’s hungry cries, and turned 35 while breastfeeding.

He woke me up again at 3 am, and for whatever reason he wasn’t able to go back to sleep every time I put him back down, so I had to hold him.  Finally at 4 am when he was fussing, I figured it was time for him to eat, so we did another round of breastfeeding.  Which for WZW is not a calm, easy experience- but that’s a topic for another post.  After that, I needed reinforcements, so I had my husband help put him back to sleep because I was hungry and needed to eat so I could get some rest.

I still pretty much spent my birthday utterly sleep-deprived.  We’d planned ahead to have my brother-in-law watch WZW, so at least we had a chance to catch the Star Wars movie.

Since it’s my birthday, I decided to make this post one involving shameless baby pics.  Don’t worry- I won’t turn my blog into that.  I have Tinybeans for posting tons of baby pics for my family and friends who are interested.  But it’s fun once in a while.

It’s unbelievable how much they change and grow in just 4 months.  My husband recently sent me a video from WZW’s first weeks of life.  He’s barely recognizable- he’s this skinny, squirmy, immature creature.  They’re right when they call the newborn period the “4th trimester.”  Now he’s chubby, smiles and laughs, and babbles.  Way more fun.

This photo is from when he was 6 weeks old:


I was amazed when just 8 days later, he had noticeably chubbier cheeks and a bigger belly.


More recently, I was curious to see how he’d look in that same outfit.  Here he is at 15 weeks, barely fitting into it:


While my husband’s been on part deux of his paternity leave, he’s been having a lot of fun with him.  This is our newest kitchen gadget:


The gadget is more cute than useful.  It likes to watch my husband make his coffee.  I’ve told my husband, next time we need an upgraded model.  Can we please get a baby with a timer function, that tells us the next time he/she is going to eat?  It would make my life a lot easier.  Thanks.

My husband’s Dadventures as he calls it, has included combining this green Bumbo seat with our Roomba robotic vacuum.  I’m pretty sure the manufacturers did not intend for their products to be used in that way.

My son has had cradle cap for a while.  It’s a benign condition that many babies get, which involves a layer of scaly, crusty skin on the scalp.  Since WZW has so much hair, you can’t see the “cap” on his head, but as it sloughs off, it looks like he has dandruff.  The cradle cap brings out the greatest compulsion in me- I cannot resist exfoliating the rough areas with my fingers.  It basically turns me into this:


Ideally we’d give him a bath after I’ve been picking at his scalp, so we can wash the flakes out.  But given how often I do it, that doesn’t necessarily happen.  Here’s a bath pic of our little guy, doing his favorite activity of late, which is chomping on his fingers.


My husband never fails to make me feel appreciated, so for Christmas, I decided to make him a card to show my appreciation for him as a Super Dad (and husband).  While I was still on maternity leave, WZW and I would do a photo shoot each morning.  I used a gift someone gave us of letters that can be put together to create a mat for him to play on.

Thank You Dad

They’re mostly smiley photos, but it was fun to use some of his weird faces, too.  Ok, that’s it for the fun baby pics.  Hope everyone is having a great start to 2016!