The Longest Week

Last week and this week have pretty much melded into one long stretch.  I worked on Saturday, and my Sunday was spent taking care of WZW alone, so it wasn’t exactly a restful weekend.

Let me back up.  We’d found a great nanny for our son Mondays and Tuesdays, and she was going to have some overlapping days taking care of him before my husband went back to work.  She’d come a couple times before, but the morning of when she was supposed to come, I got an email at 3 am saying she had a high fever and was going to the hospital.  I told her I hope she gets better, and figured she’d hopefully be ok by the following week.  It didn’t matter too much since my husband was still home.

Over that weekend, I emailed her to see if she would be able to make it on Monday.  Since I didn’t hear from her, I texted.  Still no word.  Since she’s older and not the greatest with technology, I thought perhaps she might still show up.  Plus that Monday was MLK Day and I was off, so it didn’t matter as much.  Well, she never showed up.  I called and left a message, but to this day, we haven’t heard from her.  Her reference had said she was very reliable, rarely getting sick and always coming on time despite taking public transportation for a long commute.  I’m really concerned something must have happened to her, but I have no other way of contacting her.

So we had to start a search for a new nanny.  During that time, thankfully my parents were able to help out.  We’re very lucky that my parents are retired, willing, and able to watch WZW.  Plus they live about 10 minutes away from where I work.  So on my husband’s work days, I was able to drop him off before work and pick him up after.  Not to mention I’d get a home-cooked dinner on those days.  So I definitely have things good.

But it’s still been tiring waking up at 5:30 am so I can brush my teeth and such before my husband needs to leave, then feed our little guy and get him ready and out the door.  Getting out the door with a baby is not always the easiest, especially if he decides to poop right after I’ve changed him.  Plus I park across the street, so I have to plan ahead to make just one trip from the house to the car.

By the time I finish work, I’d get to my parents’ place, eat dinner, feed WZW, then head home.  By the time we’d get home, it would 8:00 pm and my husband gets home at 8:30 pm.  At night, WZW is definitely not sleeping through the night and needs a lot of help, and I still feed him once each night.  So going through this whole routine for 3 days last week, plus working Saturday was tough.  Thankfully we’ve found a new nanny who starts next week.

I feel like I’m in survival mode, and it’s a wonder I haven’t gotten sick with all the sleep-deprivation since having our little guy.  My eating habits haven’t been the greatest, since I’m always tired and constantly hungry.  I feel like I never get enough to eat, and end up snacking a lot.  I’ve been eating a lot of the Against the Grain bagels, which are sorta Paleo since they use tapioca flour and cheese as the main ingredients instead of wheat flour.  And forget about exercise.  I haven’t had the time nor energy to do anything since I delivered.

Despite turning our lives upside-down, we still get so much joy from our little guy.  He’ll be 5 months old in a couple days, and it’s so fun seeing him laugh.  Since it’s Super Bowl 50 here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m including our Niners pride photo.




One thought on “The Longest Week

  1. PracticeBalance February 3, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Such a cute photo! I’m sorry about the hassles with your nanny. Hang in there!

    And thanks for your thoughts on part-time childcare from before!


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