One Year!


WZW turned one on Monday!  Last year, I was due on Labor Day, and this year, he turned one on Labor Day.  It really is amazing how much has changed in a year.  Last year, I was coming off of the delivery, we were figuring out the whole parenting thing, and I was dealing with the new challenges of breastfeeding.  WZW was this immature little creature who would cry for no good reason, despite our best efforts.

Now, this guy is tons of fun and tons of work- in a different way.  For the most part, he’s a happy guy who is a joy to play with.  In the last couple of weeks or so, he has started walking.  He’s already been getting into everything- reaching as high as he can, opening drawers, taking items and strewing them all about, and rarely putting them back in.  When he does put an item into a container, it’s often his random decision.  So if we’re not careful, an item could end up misplaced since he put it somewhere strange.  The toddler phase has arrived.

His first word was “up,” said appropriately in context when going up the stairs.  Alas, he says “Mama” a lot, but not in reference to me.  He finally started using sign language recently.  We only did a couple of signs for “eat” and “milk” and have yet to expand on that.  But it is helpful to have him be able to signal his hunger as an alternative to crying loudly, which he still does as well.

He’s generally been doing well with feeding himself, so we’ve been giving him a variety of “real food” cut up into small pieces for him.  We still give him some baby food pouches, mostly for convenience when we’re in a rush or out in public.  And he’s now adept at drinking out of a straw.  Again, for convenience we’ll still give the bottle, but he’ll probably soon phase out of using them.

At 10 months, I discovered his egg allergy.  After that, I fed him a little of the peanut butter we happened to have in our pantry.  Then I realized it contained honey.  So it wasn’t until close to his first birthday that my husband gave him more peanut butter.  Well, unfortunately he developed another rash, so the pediatrician recommended that he see an allergist.  The allergist did tests for a bunch of food allergies, and confirmed the egg and peanut allergies, as well as one to brazil nuts, which hopefully will be a rare issue.

He said that there is a higher likelihood that he’ll grow out of the egg allergy, but less so with the peanuts.  There is a 25% chance he’ll grow out of the peanut allergy.  In hindsight, I wish we’d introduced peanuts to him earlier.  It was something I’d known about, that lately the recommendation is early introduction, but it was just one of those things we never really got around to.

Plus, I had been eating tons of peanuts while I was breastfeeding- a regular snack had become these particular Trader Joe’s snack bars that contain peanuts.  In my mind, I’d felt like that was early introduction for him.  And I had no reason to think he’d develop an allergy to peanuts, since no one in our families has a peanut allergy.  Well, my husband says he’s “allergic” to peanuts as a euphemism for them causing gas.  But that doesn’t count.

This is the first time that I felt disappointed in myself as a parent for failing to do something, which potentially caused an impact on my son.  I’m sure it will happen many times in the course of parenting.  And of course, as a parent, you can’t predict how everything will turn out.  But still, I do feel some regret at not trying to feed him peanuts earlier.

I really hope he grows out of it, but if he doesn’t, my concern isn’t necessarily the allergy itself.  A lot of people have allergies that cause rashes and such.  But what I fear is that it might risk an anaphylactic reaction.  The allergist recommended that we get EpiPens to keep on hand just in case.  These days, there is much more awareness around peanut allergies, so it hopefully won’t be an issue.  And I hope we never have to actually use one of the EpiPens.




One thought on “One Year!

  1. Meg September 12, 2016 / 2:48 am

    Happy Birthday W!! We celebrated J’s 1st birthday on August 28th. It was more a celebration for hubby and I as we could see how far we’ve come in a year! J started walking early, around 9 months, so is happily running now. Not much speaking yet though – he says mama and dada and understands milk, water, banana and apple but that’s about it. I know exactly what you mean about emptying out the cupboards and putting things in the wrong place – J’s favorite thing to misplace are our tv remotes which have ended up in the laundry basket, in the warming drawer under the oven, in his toy basket…

    Sorry to hear about the peanut allergy, I really do hope he grows out of it. Good that you found out safely though. Your post about egg allergy reminded me that we hadn’t given J any egg lately so cooked some up and tried it. He seemed ok with it. We haven’t properly tried peanuts recently either, so will do that soon.

    J loves being in our garden and is very curious about textures he encounters. So curious that he eats the soil often. We’ve caught him with brown soil smeared around his mouth. We always joke about how his belly must be full of worms. Recently hubby’s boss, who’s an infectious diseases specialist and a prof, was around and kept saying to us and J, “that’s a good thing, don’t let them de-worm you!!”. I guess he was alluding to part of the hygiene hypothesis that postulates that having worms in your gut as a child somehow regulates your immune system such that you’re a bit more protected from allergies. Don’t know how much actual evidence there is of this, or if it’s correlation/ theory. Still, I think we will de-worm him (yuck!) , just not too often.

    Looking back on the past year, life with a little baby was really tough. Even though people keep saying, ‘watch out once they start crawling/ walking’ I’m finding it much easier now than during his little baby days. We’re working on weaning off breast milk now – down to one feed before sleeping for the night and one during the night. Bit scary thinking that we’re planning to do it all again though!!


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