So far so good- in addition to the genetic testing, the anatomy ultrasound was also normal.  All of the available testing for the baby has come back normal, so we are relieved.  We’d been dropping some major hints, but we finally told WZW after the ultrasound result came back.  He was really excited to hear that he’s going to have a baby sister.  We had been asking him if he wants a baby brother or a baby sister, and he’d said sister.  I suspect it’s because he thinks it’s less likely that he’ll have to share his precious toys, particularly his trucks.  He’s probably noticed from his preschool classmates that the girls are less interested that stuff.

We told him that we’d name her once she’s born, but that he can choose what we call her while she is in Mama’s uterus.  He chose Ayfee, and we have no idea where that came from.  It makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy as he often asks to kiss “my baby,” ie Mama’s belly, and will say that he’s going to take good care of her.

It was really interesting to read the comments after my last post.  One reader essentially has the opposite opinion of me- she preferred having two girls, and will be totally fine with having a girl for baby #3, whose gender is a surprise until delivery.

Now that I know it’s a girl, there is a lot to be excited about.  First of all, I’m happy for my mother-in-law, who has four sons (my husband has a half sister through his father).  I sincerely hope that our daughter can have a special relationship with her grandmother, who never had a daughter of her own.

There are also various girly interests to experience together.  I myself wasn’t super girly as a child, and my mom wasn’t all that knowledgeable about things like makeup, hair, and fashion.  While I’m no expert in those areas, either, I do love Sephora and my favorite color is pink.  So I think it will be fun to do stuff like paint each other’s nails and other girly endeavors.  I would do my best to offer makeup advice, and even my husband will tell her no cakeface as he calls it (the ladies who have an obviously thick layer of foundation on).  My mom didn’t have Google to help her when I was a girl, but I do.  So it will certainly make it easier to find ideas for hairstyles even if Ayfee ends up with a different hair type than mine.

As a girl, I kept diaries, and my parents have kept them all.  I think they’re still stashed in my old room.  Hopefully at some point if I can get it together and get them all organized by date, it might be nice to share them with Ayfee.  I’m sure the contents of them at this point will be silly or embarrassing to me now.  I envision letting her read my diaries as she gets to the age I was when I wrote the entries, so that hopefully she can relate to them.  I guess it will be a little weird to hear the voice of your mother as a child.  I even kept a journal of when I started my period, and kept track of when each of them came.

I also think that being an OB/GYN, there is a lot for me to share as she gets older, such as what’s normal with periods, and what is normal with our bodies.  A lot of my patients aren’t all that knowledgeable about what goes on “down there,” and hopefully I can raise her to be more comfortable with her body and to know what’s normal.

Having one boy and one girl will be different than having two of one gender, so we are very lucky to get one of each.  It’ll be an interesting experience to see how our two kids differ, not just due to inherent personality but also based on gender differences.  Since I grew up with a brother, I think it’ll be good for WZW and Ayfee to have each other, as they can learn more about the other gender.  I have no doubt that there will be plenty of fighting as they get older, but what I look forward to is the joy of seeing their positive and loving interactions as they grow up.