Still Nauseous

So far so good, I’ve gotten to 12 weeks now.  When I hit 11 weeks, I was able to stop the progesterone injections, so that was a nice milestone.

The nausea has gradually improved, so I can eat a 1/2 sandwich or more at a time.  But I still feel gross if I eat too much, which is frustrating.  I’m constantly thinking about food.  I always make sure I have a snack on hand so I don’t get overly hungry.  And because of the limitations in how much I can eat, I fantasize about what I want to eat next.  While I’m eating, I feel great, so it’s often hard to stop.  But then after eating, I usually feel sick to my stomach.

While I still like soup, especially with the cold weather, I’ve gravitated towards sandwiches as well.  I think it’s because of the bread- I’ve been frequenting a bakery near work that uses freshly baked bread to make their sandwiches.  In general, I tend to snack on starchy foods, which I know aren’t the healthiest but seem to be better tolerated.  Overly heavy and greasy foods are a no go.

So far I’ve plateaued at about 15 lbs of weight loss.  It’s kind of perverse, since the daily nausea is so frustrating, yet I have to say it’s nice to finally lose some weight and fit into clothes that I didn’t think I’d ever fit back into again.  My face looks less chubby than it did before, too.

Given the improving nausea, I will probably start to gain some weight back soon.  Based on WZW’s pregnancy, it improved but I never felt 100% back to normal until I delivered.  So I probably won’t be able to eat large meals like I did prior to pregnancy.  I guess that’s good, to prevent myself from gaining too much weight during my pregnancy, which a lot of my patients have trouble with.

Thankfully, I’m able to tolerate fruits and vegetables better now, so I’ve started making more smoothies.  The heavy carbs have wreaked havoc on my digestive system, causing constipation.  So I’ve started taking docusate stool softeners regularly, and sometimes milk of magnesia to help with that.

I have a love-hate relationship with ginger tea.  I love the fact that it helps my nausea and is natural.  But I hate the taste of it.  After my pregnancy with WZW, I couldn’t stand ginger anymore.  That gradually faded, and now out of necessity, I’m back to the ginger tea.  But it’s definitely not something I enjoy drinking.  The Yogi brand of ginger tea seems to be easily available at various grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  I find that brand to be strong, and therefore less palatable, but ultimately works the best to make my stomach feel better.  My husband recently bought the lemon ginger version for me, and it’s a little more palatable.  We’ll see how it works to ease my nausea.

For the first time, I decided to try the prescription medication Zofran (ondansetron).  We had used it for many years for nausea/vomiting in pregnancy, but more recently there was a study that associated its use with increased risks of cardiac defects in babies.  One study is not definitive that this is truly the case, but to be safe, we’ve been waiting until 9-10 weeks of gestation before using it.  At that point, the main cardiac structures have developed already, so if any defects occurred, they wouldn’t be attributed to Zofran use.

I decided to try it since this daily nausea is pretty miserable.  My patients generally seem to find the Zofran more helpful than the other prescription anti-nausea medications.  I got the form that dissolves in your mouth, as opposed to needing to swallow it like a regular tablet.  I find that it helps briefly, but then the nausea comes back.  For me, the ginger tea works better.  But sometimes I just can’t take the thought of drinking more of that tea, so I’ll take the Zofran for temporary relief.

I’m thankful that so far things are going ok in the pregnancy, but I’m hoping the nausea gets better and better soon.