3 years old!


WZW turned 3 years old this month.  It really does fly by, and it’s amazing how much he’s grown and developed since that day he “came out the chute” as my husband likes to say.  Now is a very fun age, since we can understand most of what he says.  It’s funny to hear all of the silly things that come out of his mouth.  Our good friends are expecting their first baby and are keeping the gender a surprise.  So we asked WZW if he wants them to have a boy or a girl.  He said, “Um… a fire fighter!”

There is never a dull moment, as he’s always coming up with new scenarios during his play.  He likes doing things like going on a “bear hunt,” which is something he learned at preschool.  He also still loves trucks, and wanted a fire truck for his birthday.  He will make up an emergency, like a fire or one of his animals fell, so that an emergency vehicle needs to come help.  He is often running around our tiny house, and will bust out with impromptu dance parties.  Life is very entertaining and joyous with a toddler.

We are fortunate enough to live in a place where there is lots of dirt for him to play with outside.  So that is one part of the Paleo lifestyle that I’m glad WZW is able to experience regularly.  Instead of being indoors constantly, he will happily play in the dirt.  He likes to pretend he is a dump truck or excavator and is totally content to be transferring dirt from one location to another.

At 3 years old, he is still cute and fun.  We are grateful that he is a healthy kid, and so far we are very happy with the little boy that he has become.  We feel good about our parenting thus far, but I do know that the challenges right now (like tantrums and refusing to do things) are simple ones.  I wonder what kinds of difficulties lie ahead, as life becomes more complex with school, activities, and friends.  Inevitably as parents, we all do our best based on what we know at the time.  It’s hard to predict what kinds of issues will come up later.

Before WZW was born, one of our friends (who had a teenager of her own), gave us the advice to treat him as if he were our third child.  While of course one cannot do that 100%, looking back I feel that we’ve done the best we could to follow that advice.  We haven’t worried about every little detail, making sure our parenting is perfect.  The little things don’t matter.  For example, based on our crazy schedules during the work week, we don’t have time to bathe him more than twice a week.  And I’ll admit, it’s been a week since he took his last bath/shower.

Everyone has a different parenting style, and we have to be cautious about “parent shaming” on social media and the like.  With that said, my husband and I were horrified recently when we were at a restaurant and saw a table where the father was giving his approximately 1 yo daughter some Coke straight out of the bottle.  Besides the obvious, the other thing that was bothersome about the scenario is that the Coke seemed to be used as a way to calm/comfort the crying child.

As a woman who has issues with emotional eating, I am extra aware to try to avoid the same for WZW.  As a parent of a toddler, especially when I’m at my wits’ end, I have totally been there where he is having a meltdown and I feel the temptation to hand him the phone or give him a treat to make him calm down.  But I remind myself that it would be counterproductive- I would be teaching him that his reward for having a tantrum is screen time or a sweet treat.  Also, I don’t want him to associate food with emotional comfort that leads to future emotional eating.

As for me, it still hasn’t been practical to go back to eating strictly Paleo, but I do what I can.  My husband found a company called Paleo on the Go http://www.paleoonthego.com which delivers frozen Paleo meals.  I had to try it once, so I ordered a variety of their menu items- pot pies, tacos, empanadas, lasagna, and soup.  I was happy with the quality of their meals.  It all tasted pretty good on its own, as opposed to pretty good for being Paleo.

The downside?  The shipping costs to the West Coast are astronomical.  But if you’re in an area where shipping is more affordable (they are based in Florida), then by all means I’d recommend them.

One delivery service that I have been using lately is Thistle. http://www.thistle.co

They deliver freshly made meals and juices.  They aren’t Paleo at all.  Their model is to deliver healthy meals made with a variety of fresh ingredients.  Their meals are gluten and dairy free, and would actually be perfect for those following a plant-based lifestyle.  For those who want, meat can be added to the meals (which is what I do).  Because they aren’t Paleo, their meals do include grains and legumes.  With that said, their meals include a variety of vegetables.

Their lunches are salads, and their dinners are various prepared meals that you throw on a pan to heat up for a few minutes, but otherwise require no preparation.  Because of their ingredients and delivery, the service is somewhat expensive.  Another downside is that the dinners are all somewhat similar, so they get tiring after a while.  But for now, I’ve continued to use Thistle because it is convenient- they deliver to my door, so I don’t need to worry about grocery shopping weekly to pick up salads for lunch like I used to.  Without Thistle, I probably wouldn’t be eating that many veggies, so they help me have a healthier diet.  If only there existed the equivalent of Thistle except with Paleo options.  That would be perfect!

I had to skip the fertility medications in August because of the functional ovarian cyst.  So this month I’m back on the letrozole.  It’s my last chance to conceive with the medications, because with my next cycle I’ll start birth control pills in preparation for IVF in November.