The Wonders of Breastfeeding

Week 2- on one hand it’s weird that two weeks have already flown by, and on the other hand I feel like it’s only been two weeks since WZW joined us?  He is starting off life Paleo/Primal since he’s exclusively breastfeeding.  Jimmy Kimmel, during his interview with actress Zooey Deschanel, brought up the question as to whether breastfeeding is vegan.  Her sister, who was also pregnant at the time of the interview, is vegan which is why Kimmel brought up the question- If the baby is to be raised vegan, can the baby breastfeed? It’s an animal product.

The topic comes up around the 2 minute mark:

In all seriousness, though, most of us know about the significant benefits of breastfeeding.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be dealing with the sore nipples and frequent late night feeds and such.  Mark Sisson, in his September 6 Mark’s Daily Apple post, had a link to this fascinating article about breastfeeding:

It talks about a lot of things I never knew before, like that there are tons of oligosaccharides (complex chains of sugars) that are unique to human breast milk, and are not digestible by the infant, but rather exist to support the microorganisms in the baby’s digestive system.  Also, breast milk changes constantly in response to the baby’s immune status via receptors in the mammary glands to baby’s saliva (baby spit backwash as they describe it).

Also, the foods that mom eats change the taste of the breast milk as well.  Apparently in the ’70s they did a study involving a “trained panel” of breast milk taste testers.  That must have been a very uh, interesting job to say the least.  But I’m happy to have that information.  It encourages me to eat a variety of foods, in hopes that WZW not only gets varied nutritional needs, but also develops a liking for a larger variety of flavors.

It’s interesting how now that I’m no longer pregnant, my aversions and inclinations have gone more or less back to normal.  Before pregnancy, I never liked carbonated drinks, but during the pregnancy we were purchasing sparkling water by the case at Costco.  It was a chore to drink water, even though I knew I was supposed to stay hydrated during the pregnancy.  After I delivered, I felt super thirsty and was drinking tons of regular water in the hospital without a problem.

During pretty much the entire pregnancy, I’d feel sick after eating, particularly if I ate too much.  It improved so that it was mild during the latter pregnancy, but was still there and annoying.  Now that the feeling has resolved, you’d think I’d go buck wild and gorge myself now.  Instead, I don’t know if I’ve just been too busy or what, but I’ve actually felt more satisfied eating healthier and don’t have as strong of an inclination to go for the sugar and junk.  During the pregnancy, I’d go out of my way to seek carbs and sugar.  Nowadays, I won’t turn down some ice cream that coincidentally shows up in my freezer after my husband’s grocery run.  But I am not as apt to seek it out.

My husband cooked a bunch of Paleo crock pot recipes to stock up in the freezer prior to WZW’s arrival, so we’ve had a good variety of healthy eats.  With that said, some of the food people have made/brought us hasn’t been completely Paleo, which is fine.  At this point, anything is appreciated.  I can see how with the sleep deprivation and lack of time that many people would tend to go for takeout and quick eats like pizza.  Thankfully, we planned ahead with the food in our freezer, and we have family/friends who have made or brought us real food.  Although I’m not going to eat perfectly healthy 100% of the time (particularly given the fatigue) I do have more of an inclination to do so knowing that I’m breastfeeding and that it will affect WZW.